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Seattle by MiissShameless Seattle :iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 0 4 Black Swan by MiissShameless Black Swan :iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 5 1 Blonde Babe by MiissShameless Blonde Babe :iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 0 5
Dear Mother
Look at me now
Mom I’m doing my best
Don’t you see how
much I am depressed
I cry every night
Blood runs from my wrist
You’re always uptight
Only one to exist
When you open your eyes
I will have gone
Don’t hide your surprise
I wasn’t your pawn
See what you did
I’m none but a mess
My scars I hid
Permanent mark I possess
You’ll always be there
But more like a stranger
I wanted you to care
But now you endanger
:iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 0 3
Just Me by MiissShameless Just Me :iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 2 0 Surrender by MiissShameless Surrender :iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 1 5 Me by MiissShameless Me :iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 1 7
One Night Stand
Please strip me down
Please pull me close
Are you from out of town?
Grab me, transpose
Baby, make me moan
I want to feel so good
Shivers to my bone
I’d keep you if I could
I’m getting very sore
But I don’t want you to stop
What more could I ask for?
Let’s play until we drop
Sweat beads down my back
As the fire rages on
We lay in the pitch black
Round two agreed upon
:iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 0 0
Oil Pastel Drawing by MiissShameless Oil Pastel Drawing :iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 1 2 Giraffe Drawing by MiissShameless Giraffe Drawing :iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 1 6 Johnny Depp Portrait by MiissShameless Johnny Depp Portrait :iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 0 4
Aren't I Good Enough?
Everything was fine
Before he came and went
This time he crossed the line
My heart broken and bent
What's going on?
Don't grab me like that.
What's brought this upon?
Where's my mom at?
My screams are weak
I'm bloody to my toes
I can't even speak
My eyes at the close
When will it end?
In this horrible hell
I had to pretend
That everything was swell
I can't even tell
What's real anymore
Is this farewell?
Am I really done for?
:iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 1 0
What You Do To Me
I’ve been crushed
My heart’s been shattered
My cries are hushed
My love’s been tattered
All I see is black
No color or light
Please set me free
No strength to fight
Is this what you wanted?
To scar me for good?
My past is haunted
I’m misunderstood
All I wanted most
Was for you to care
To hold me close
This is so unfair
Now you have the girl
And set me aside
My despair to unfurl
In the dark I reside
Goodbye everyone
My time to depart
I’m trying to outrun
My bleeding heart
:iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 2 0
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
August 8th, 2012
We just moved into this house and there are already weird things going on. As we were moving major things like mattresses and stuff into the house, people walking by were giving us the weirdest looks. I just kind of shook it off. The girls didn't seem to notice anything. Talia and Abby just turned five, so they're both in their own little worlds of little kid imagination most of the time. Oh yeah, the journal. I found this journal. In the backyard. It's a very large backyard, with the beginning of the forest just resting on the edge. It's kind of spooky, considering you can't see 3 feet into the trees until it turns pitch black. And the fact that I found this old leather thing, with a bunch of it's pages ripped out. I figured it would be kind of fun to have something to write in, for the girls to look through when they're older. Hopefully they'll be more interested in this than in boys.
August 10th, 2012
The strange noises out in the woods came back. As if someone walk
:iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 0 3
Undying Love
There once was a boy
With bright blue eyes
A heart that could decoy
The master of disguise
But this boy held a secret
That controlled his life
He was actually a threat
Like a dagger or a knife
Everything he touched
Fell dead in his hand
And that he clutched
As delicate as sand
So along came a miss
Hair as black as a raven
Coming out of his abyss
He emerged from his haven
Her beauty was shining
Her eyes wide and bright
Was this his silver lining?
His love to ignite?
The two fell in love
Despite his worst flaw
He had to rid of
He had to withdraw
The day his heart broke
He kissed her round cheek
His nightmare awoke
Her body so weak
Stay with me, he cried
Her life fading fast
His heart was untied
Dead hand of the past
And at that moment spent
He dropped dead is when
He began his ascent
To meet her again
:iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 3 8
Galaxy by MiissShameless Galaxy :iconmiissshameless:MiissShameless 0 1


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Hi guys. I don't like coming on here anymore, too much negativity. It kind of sucks, this was my haven. I guess I'll have to go back to Tumblr lmao.

Basically, life sucks. My dad always has an excuse to put me down. I feel like I can't trust my friends. I've been sleeping a lot more for no reason, and I eat way less. I think it's cause he left.

I miss him. So fucking much. Anthony left for the Air Force on January 1st, 2013. And won't be back until July. JULY. That's 6 months. How am I fucking going to survive that shit? We talk on the phone almost everyday and try to skype at least every weekend. I skyped with him last night for the first time since he left. Seeing his smile, those gorgeous eyes, fuck I think my heart melted. And the look on his face when he said he loved me made me want to cry.

I saw him two days before he left. I've known him for almost 2 years and was never really nervous with him, but I was, alot. We were with my best friend Maria and my other best friend Kyle (who liked each other) and Anthony's friend Spencer. Then after a little we started holding hands. His hands are way bigger than mine. c: And I would be looking at something and he come behind me and wrap his arms (somuscularOMG) around me or put his hand in my back pocket and squeeze my butt a little (unffff). After a while I finallly just put my hands on either side of his face and leaned up and kissed him (he's kinda tall). It was perfect. I've never kissed anybody so perfect.. We all got bored so we went into Sears. Fucked around. Anthony was in a reclining chair in front of me and I was in a chair too. He leaned back so I could put my arms around him and kiss his forehead and give him upside down kisses. And I bit his ear (>:D). Finally, I had to go. I was waiting to get picked up so we all just chilled in the parking garage by Maria's car. I knew this was the last time I would see him for a while. He held on to me so tight and kissed my forehead. He really is the perfect man. I already miss him so much.
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Takira Boltman
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hi :) My name's Takira. I'm 16 years old and I live in the state of Washington. I like to take pictures and write stories, poetry, etc. I'm a really friendly and outgoing girl, so talk to me, I don't bite.

This is Gabe's deviantArt, check it out. I love himmm.


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